AS9120 Rev B Employee Training Details

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The course is approximately 30 minutes, includes audio, quizzes, a certificate and is intended for ALL of the employees in an organization so they understand the importance of AS9120.

There are 4 sections covering various aspects of AS9120, each with their own quiz:

  1. What is AS9120?
    • Introduction to AS9120
    • Why is it important
    • AS9120 Rev A
    • Requirements
    • Quiz
  2. Resource Management
    • Section 4 – General Requirements
    • Section 5 – Management Responsibility
    • Section 6 – Resource Management
    • Quiz
  3. Product Realization
    • Section 7 – Product Realization
    • Quiz
  4. Measurement and Analysis
    • Section 8Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
    • Quiz


AS9120 has training requirements – we meet them!

Section 6.2.2 of the AS9120 standard requires that you retain a record of the training and prove its effectiveness.

  • The student must pass a final quiz to make sure they understood the material. If they fail a section, they must re-take that section until they pass.
  • It then creates a record by printing a certificate with the students’ name on it.
  • Custom training can automatically send results to a file, email address or Learning Management System (LMS) if SCORM Compliant.