AS9120: Select the Right Aerospace Standard and Revision

AS9120 – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Distributors

AS9120 is the Quality Management System for Aerospace Requirements for Distributors, but it also references several other standards that an organization must understand and integrate into their QMS.

Critical Standards for AS9120 Implementation:

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  • ARP 9134A – Supply Chain Risk Management. The guideline focuses on Quality as a key risk assessment factor taking into account elements from all aspects of the business having a direct link to global quality management.
  • AS5553D – Counterfeit Electronic Parts. This standard is for use by organizations that procure and/or integrate EEE parts and/or assemblies containing such items.
  • AS9015A – Work Transfer Supplier Self Verification Process. This standard defines the requirements for a delegation process identified in Aerospace Quality Management System standards.
  • AS9101 – QMS Audit Requirements. This standard defines requirements for the preparation and execution of the audit process.
  • AS9102 – First Article Inspection. This standard establishes the baseline requirements for performing and documenting FAI.
  • AS9103B – Key Characteristics. This standard is primarily intended to apply to new parts and products but can also be applied to parts currently in production.
  • AS9131D – Nonconformance Documentation. This standard defines the common nonconformance data definition and documentation that must be exchanged between an internal/external supplier or sub-tier supplier, and the customer when informing about a nonconformity requiring a formal decision.
  • AS9146 – Foreign Object Detection (FOD). This standard defines FOD Prevention Program requirements for organizations that design, develop, and provide aviation, space, and defense products and services. And by organizations providing post-delivery support, including the provision of maintenance, spare parts, or materials for their own products and services.
  • ISO 10006 – Project Management. This standard gives guidelines for the application of quality management in projects.
  • ISO 10007 – Configuration Management. This standard provides guidance on the use of configuration management within an organization.
  • ISO 19011 – Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. This document provides guidance on auditing management systems.

Core Tools for Corrective Action

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Complete list of Standards referenced in AS9120

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SAE Standards referenced in AS9120

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