What is AS9120?

AS9120 – Quality Management Systems – Aerospace Requirements for Distributors


What is AS9120 and who is it for?

The AS9120 Standard is the requirements for a Quality Management System based on AS9100 which adds 100+ additional requirements that are specific to distributors who carry aircraft components like fasteners, electronics, gaskets, etc. It helps ensure that they handle the materials properly and track the part from OEM to customer. AS9120 was developed for pass-through distributors of aerospace items and addresses chain of custody, traceability, control, and availability of records.

Companies that procure parts, materials, and assemblies and sells these products to a customer in the aviation, space, and defense industries. This includes organizations that procure products and split them into smaller quantities.

This standard is not intended for organizations that rework or repair products. Organizations that perform work that affects or could affect product characteristics or conformity should use AS9100 or another general quality management system standard.

The standard would be applicable to organizations that resell, distribute, and warehouse parts found in aircraft and other aerospace components. Value-added distributors would NOT be included in the standard due to customer-product changes. (Use AS9100)

  • ASA – Aviation Suppliers Association
  • IDEA – Independent Distributors of Electronics Association
  • ERAI – Electronic Resellers Association International
  • etc.

SAE manages this standard which is regulated by the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).

AS9120 (2009) is obsolete, (see AS9120 Rev B changes)

  • There is no need to buy Copy of AS9120
  • It is based upon ISO 9001:2000

AS9120 Rev B (2016) is the current


Other Standards referenced in AS9120a See Aerospace Standards Explained

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AS5553 Counterfeit Parts

ISO 10005 Quality Plans

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What are the Benefits of AS 9120B?

Like AS9100, certification to AS9120 rev B expands your market and improves your organization:

  • An opportunity for improved product quality, traceability, and reduced risk.
  • Align your company with the best practices of the aerospace industry.
  • Demonstrates that you can deliver quality products and services to your customers.
  • Elevates your quality management system to the global standard adopted by the aerospace industry (IAQG).
  • Expand your customer base to include global aviation companies.

 How do we implement AS9120 rev B?

The implementation process is very similar to AS9120 or other ISO 9001 based QMS:

  1. Perform a Gap Analysis to determine what your existing QMS needs.
  2. Document your system with a Quality Manual and Procedures. The AS9120 Store offers a complete set of documentation ready for you to customize. Learn more…
  3. Implement the new procedures.
  4. Audit your system to make sure your procedures are being followed.
  5. Have a registrar audit your company for certification to ISO 9120.

For a more detailed explanation, our AS9120 Steps to Certification will still apply since the standards are so similar.


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