What is SAE AS9101E?

Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements
for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

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Anyone planning to certify to AS9120B should have a copy of this document.

What is SAE AS9101E?

This standard defines requirements for the preparation and execution of the audit process. (This is what the Registrars will use to perform your audit)

Additionally, it defines the content & composition for reporting audit
conformity and process effectiveness to the 9120-series standards, the organizations QMS documentation, and customer/regulatory requirements.

What Changed?

Focus on EFFECTIVENESS and not just conformity

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Some forms have been made more simple, so the auditor can spend more time auditing than complete forms. Note: the unwieldy Objective Evidence Report (OER) has been eliminated.

Every process should be audited to determine:

  • Is the process identified and appropriately defined?
  • Are responsibilities defined?
  • Are procedures implemented and maintained?
  • Is the process achieving effective results?

New Terms with related forms in the appendices

  • Containment
  • Major Nonconformity
  • Minor Nonconformity
  • Nonconformity Report (NCR)
  • Objective Evidence Record (OER)
  • Process Effectiveness Assessment Report (PEAR)

Why Change?

  1. To align AS9101 with the 2009 versions of the standards
  2. Integrate the requirements of ISO 17021 for CB’s
  3. To focus on a process based approach. (NOTE: It is NOT a checklist)

What AS&D Standards will use AS9101?

Historically, each of the Aerospace Standards had their own checklist:

  • AS9120:2002 used AS9121

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