What is SAE AS9101G?

AS9101G is a standard that defines requirements for conducting audits of quality management systems (QMS) in the aviation, space, and defense industries. It covers preparation, execution, reporting, and conformity assessment of audits to the 9100-series standards, the QMS documentation, and the customer and statutory/regulatory requirements. It outlines the necessary procedures and guidelines for ensuring quality and compliance within these critical sectors.

While AS9101G aligns with the 9100-series standards, it goes beyond the general requirements outlined by ISO/IEC 17021 for conformity assessment, auditing, and certification (learn more about ISO/IEC 17021).

Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations

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Anyone planning to certify to AS9120B should have a copy of this document.

What is SAE AS9101G?

This standard defines requirements for the preparation and execution of the audit process. (This is what the Registrars will use to perform your audit.)

In addition, it defines the content and composition for the audit reporting of conformity and process effectiveness to the 9100-series standards, the organization’s QMS documentation, and customer and statutory/regulatory requirements.

What Changed?

This standard has been revised to align with the latest revision of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) 9104-1 standard, incorporating inputs received from interested parties, standard clarifications, and other party management team resolutions.

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AS9101G builds upon AS9101F in the aerospace industry, aligning with the latest practices and ensuring effective auditing processes.

AS9101G Content:

  • Similar to AS9101F, it defines requirements for the audit process.
  • Specifies content and composition for audit reporting of conformity and process effectiveness.
  • Applies to the 9100-series standards, the organization’s QMS documentation, and customer and statutory/regulatory requirements.
  • Represents changes or additions to ISO/IEC standards.
  • When there is a conflict with ISO/IEC standards, the requirements of AS9101G take precedence.

Understanding these standards is crucial for maintaining compliance and improving processes if you’re involved in quality management within this sector.

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