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The AS9120 training expands upon the Quality Management System based on AS 9100 and adds additional requirements that are specific to distributors who carry aircraft components like, fasteners, electronics, gaskets, etc. It helps ensure that they handle the materials properly and track the part from OEM to customer. AS9120 was developed for pass-through distributors of aerospace items and addresses chain of custody, traceability, control, and availability of records.

Why should you take AS9120 training?

Like AS9100, certification to AS9120 expands your market and improves your organization:

  • AS9120 training is an opportunity for improved product quality, traceability and reduced risk
  • AS9120 training aligns your company to the best practices of the aerospace industry
  • AS9120 training and certification demonstrates that you can deliver quality products and services to your customers
  • AS9120 training elevates your quality management system to the global standard adopted by the aerospace industry (IAQG)
  • AS9120 training and certification expands your customer base to include global aviation companies