The “Secret” ISO/AS Standards

While ISO has some generally well-known quality management standards like ISO 9000 and ISO14001, and they have very specific standards for producing products (like rear-mounted power take-off units for agricultural tractors known as ISO 500, or ISO 639 which covers codes for the representation of names of languages). In the middle stand some interesting and valuable additional management systems standards like these.

The Other Sides Of AS And ISO Standards SAE And the International Standards Organization (ISO) have many supporting standards which are used in conjunction with the AS9100 series. While some are more specific, the emphasis on many is to bring forth in a business environment, the best practices for producing consistently quality services and products.

While we profile a couple in this article, you can go to our listing page and find many more such as:

These standards are distributed by us through Techstreet, a standard publishing partner. Their vast inventory opens up many new avenues to learn about these tools to support your overall ISO certification efforts.

If You Buy, Use, Create, Or Update Aerospace-Related Software, You Need AS9115

If you’ve been certified under As9100, it states a need to help control software quality since it drives so many of the operations that the general standard covers. So, the aerospace quality community felt the standard needed more specificity, so enter AS9115. It helps explain how to ensure the quality levels for software that:

  • Must be provided as part of a contract deliverable with a customer, partner, or even supplier organization.
  • Software that is a product to be sold directly or indirectly to customers that you produce, or perhaps modify or just resell.
  • Software that is embedded as an operating system or application.

AS9115 is basically more definition when it comes to those who provide software either as a product itself or as an embedded system. Admittedly, AS 9115 is not required as part of AS9100. Still, those who follow the requirements can claim more validity that the intent of AS9100 with respect to software is being met. In effect, it provides a further path for risk management through its specification of related special requirements and key characteristics of the software creation, update, and installation process.

And The List Goes On

If we have piqued your interest, here’s a partial list of standards, all of which can make you and your company more valuable from just about any perspective.


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