OASIS Database

What is OASIS?

Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) is a database for Online Aerospace Supplier Information System. It is used to assist in the management and transparency of AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120. The Aerospace community have largely agreed that OASIS is a great value to their business, and gives reliable information and great resources for aerospace supplier certification and registration data which is maintained by SAE International. OASIS database is free to join and provides organizations with access to a list of Certification Bodies (registrars), training providers and accreditation bodies. Furthermore, if you are looking for auditors or would like a list of other certified organizations, you can access all of that information via OASIS.

Want to check if an organization is certified?

OASIS allows you to check if other organizations are certified, plus providing you with additional information regarding their certification such as, approval status, a copy of their certificate, and you are allowed to see when their last audit was. If desired, you can ask to see a report of their audit. Submission to the OASIS database is a mandatory requirement. IMS personnel will provide all required documentation upon certification to one of the Aerospace standards. As of now, this is chargeable by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) on a three year basis.

What else can you do with OASIS?

OASIS database is a great source for researching. Through the database you can find new clients and suppliers. Everyone that has signed up to be apart of the OASIS database is apart of the aerospace and military industry, therefore it makes it a great place for connections. OASIS also allows you to leave feedback to the Certification Body, which can be helpful for future audits. The Certification Body is required to respond to any request whether positive or negative. You can access the database by visiting www.iaqg.org.


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