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AS9120 Documentation Requirements

Much depends on the size and complexity of your organization. The AS9120 Standard only “requires” a Quality Manual and the following six Procedures:
  1. Control of Documents (4.2.3)
  2. Control of Records (4.2.4)
  3. Internal Audit (8.2.2)
  4. Control of Nonconforming Product (8.3)
  5. Corrective Action (8.5.2)
  6. Preventive Action (8.5.3)

However, you should have enough procedures to cover each section of the standard that applies to your business. Do you purchase anything? Then you’ll need a Purchasing Procedure to describe section 7.4 – yet that isn’t “required”.

The AS9120 Store has designed clearly written procedures to describe each section of the standard. That is why our QMS is better than the rest – we cover the entirestandard.

Do I need Procedures and Flow Diagrams?

No. Written procedures are more informative and much easier to edit than flows. As a general rule, editing flow charts can be tedious – you’re often better off creating them yourself.

You are required to have a diagram of your overall processes, and we recommend using software like Lucidchart to create them. You can access a free 7 day account of Lucidchart and try it for yourself.


How do I set up my Documentation?

If you look at this pyramid, the lower the items are – the more specific they are to your business. The higher levels (QM, Proc) are dictated by the standard and are thus similar from one company to the next. Read more about good documentation techniques on our free Document Control PowerPoint.

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