Time Saving Work Instruction Software by Sequence Software

Tired of using an “Office” solution to author “Manufacturing” work instructions?


Sequence Software enables manufacturing companies performing complex manual assembly to easily author, review, approve, deploy, and verify the work instructions required to build their products.

Common reasons for seeking an alternative to “Office” applications include:

  • Excessive time spent creating a standard format, editing, reformatting, and managing documents
  • Lack of real version control
  • Inability to integrate with ERP/MRP to leverage existing info on Routings, Operations, BoMs
  • Difficulty to collaborate with others in a network, multi-user environment
  • Requires additional tasks to manage PDF files, printing, and distribution to the shop floor
  • Corporate goals of moving to a paperless manufacturing environment

Sequence Enterprise Integrated Software


Software for the manufacturing enterprise needing work instructions that are fully integrated with ERP/PLM/MES for AS9100 reporting.


  • Windows interface designed specifically for easily creating and managing manufacturing work instructions
  • Role based security
  • Content created by authors is automatically formatted for PDF or for real-time paperless deployment in a web browser
  • Complete revision history inside the application
  • Integration with ERP for parts, BoMs, routings, and work orders
  • Paperless deployment interface allows simple data capture and signatures on steps to produce history records
  • Integration to MES systems seamlessly opens the relevant work instruction automatically when “jobbing on” in MES


  • Consistent formatting improves productivity Ensures correct version of instructions are always being used
  • Eases burden of AS9100 reporting
  • Reduces cost of maintaining complete “as-built” record for all orders


Our All-in-One Certification Package is a proven, efficient system. It gives you all you need to prepare for registration – in one simple to use package.

Customer Review:

"I have just passed my Audit with zero non-conformances for the second year in a row using your ISO products to write my entire QMS. Thank you for producing documents of this quality"

Bettye Patrick

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