AS9100 Supplier Selection

The IAQG has created a Supplier Selection Capabilities Assessment Guide, which is designed to assist organizations in executing an effective assessment of existing or potential suppliers. The material provides a common Model to Select a Supplier and/or Assess the Capability of a Supplier to achieve sustainable On Time & On Quality delivery objectives. The material is formatted in alignment with each of the 11 business process of the product life cycle also known as the chapters of the SCMH:
  1. Sales, Master Scheduling & Sequencing
  2. Contract requirements flow down (Customer related process)
  3. Design and development
  4. Suppliers sourcing selection & approval (Purchasing process)
  5. Plant, material, skills, capacity planning & scheduling (Planning of product realization)
  6. Order Management and logistic (Internal/external)
  7. Manufacturing and inspection (Production and service provision)
  8. Supplier operational management and product validation (Purchasing process)
  9. Control of non conformities, corrective and preventive actions
  10. Customer Support (Control of service operations)
  11. Business Processes Performance Management and Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Supplier Selection Matrices


The matrices provide a method for noting the capability of a supplier for each of the 11 business processes. The rows apply to:

  • Process
  • People & Organization
  • Tools & Data
  • Performances Metrics.

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The columns contain capability information for each of five categories:

  1. Undefined and not capable
  2. Defined and applied, but not 100% efficient or not applied everywhere in the company
  3. Defined, applied and effective
  4. Predictable
  5. Optimized

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